Bill: Condo Layout – The Brownstone, Virginia

3rd Prize: Jonas Hjortshoej Soerensen, Denmark

“I initiated an architectural competition through Arcbazar for a redesign of a 1725 sq ft unit in a luxury condo currently under construction. Once I signed up with Arcbazar I accessed a web page where I described the project, the design criteria, any design constraints, and uploaded the existing plans of the unit as well as photos of the expected view from the apartment balcony… On the deadline that I specified (about six weeks after the project was initiated) those who signed on the the project posted plans, renderings, and elevations of their designs…

Throughout the competition all participants remain anonymous. Whenever someone signed up for the project I received an email informing me of this. Further, participants can post questions to the “Wall” (e.g., can the plumbing be moved?) and, after typically consulting with the builder, my responses are visible to everyone. A week after the deadline, I rank the submissions with the award divided among the top three designs with the amount in proportion to ranking.

I was amazed at the response to my competition. Twenty-six (26) architects from all over the world–from across the US to Europe and Asia–signed up for the project. In the end, I received 16 submissions, virtually all included detailed plans, elevations, perspectives, and photo-realistic renderings. A couple even included websites and prices to purchase recommended furnishings. The depth and professionalism of these design submissions was extremely impressive…

This is the first time that I’d encountered “crowdsourcing” and initially I felt a bit uncertain about what it entailed. I dug a little deeper into Arcbazar’s website and was won over by the membership of the company’s Board of Directors. Since beginning the project I’ve become an Arcbazar enthusiast, sharing my experience with others who are astounded that, for a modest price, one is able to get professional design services from not just one but several designers.”

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