AR in Architecture: You’ve Got Mail!

Virtual and Augmented Reality have taken several industries by storm and architecture is no exception. The opportunities presented by AR here are practically limitless, making architectural design more engaging and realistic. Most experts agree that AR is set to revolutionize the field as the underlying technology becomes more and more accessible and user-friendly.

As we closely monitor the developments in the field, we are excited to introduce you to a project developed under the guidance of one of our key advisors, Takehiko Nagakura – professor at MIT’s Department of Architecture and our long-time friend. It’s called AR Mail and before we dive into the details, check out this fascinating video.

The project was developed at Professor Nagakura’s MIT group – Architecture, Representation and Computation. Through a workshop collaboration with Harbin Institute of Technology in the summer of 2016, the team “scanned” the Russian Orthodox Church built in 1907, which now serves as a museum in the center of Harbin. The scan was done via a drone video.

The footage was then processed to create a digital miniature, which, in turn, was processed into augmented reality application for postcard sets.

“The result is like an insect specimen that a biologists would capture in the field and take back to the lab for examination,” explains Professor Nagakura. “Tourists and scholars alike can take this photo-realistic architectural specimen, appreciate and study them at home, and even dissect them to see the internal organs.”

Application of this technology is indeed vast, and we at Arcbazar are looking forward to offering our clients the opportunity to take advantage of it. As Professor Nagakura points out, “Design visualization using augmented and virtual reality like this one will be and should be used by more and more architects in the near future, as it will be helpful for clients to understand the spatial design and to share it with their friends and family when they evaluate competition entries. Arcbazar is a comprehensive digital platform, and very well positioned to incorporate such emerging methods into the platform, too.” We believe it will add great value to our customers, who will be able to not simply see the designs in 2D on their screens, but visualize them by simply printing out the design and using their smartphones. Exciting developments await our network!

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