James: Condo Interior Design, Pennsylvania

“The thing about this site is that you have access to hundreds (thousands?) of designers, and you can review their portfolios ahead of time and ask people whose style you like to provide a concept (if they want). Also, many of the designers use some pretty sophisticated software. I was given almost photo-realistic renderings of proposed designs in most cases. This was instrumental for me – seeing it with mock furniture, decorations, etc., is much, much better than trying to visualize it in my mind or going by a rough sketch. Many of the artists also use 3D libraries of real furniture and provide you with sources to buy the pieces in case you want to implement the exact look they have designed. I reviewed 5-10 concepts, chose the one I liked the best, and was quite happy with it, all for less than the price a local designer would have charged. Using this site is simply a no-brainer for design projects…”

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