T.J.: Musician’s Loft – Interior Design, Massachusetts

“I have used arcbazar for two design projects – one asked for a landscape design for the front yard of my suburban raised ranch, and the other asking for a conceptual design/rendering for a very particular type of residential loft designed for a musician.   My business partner also used arcbazar for an interior design when he recently purchased his home.  I know he was very pleased also, because he recommended arcbazar to me.

I could not be more pleased.  For my landscape design project I had nine designers submit plans.   They ranged from very simple to very elaborate.   Some of them had very intricate graphics; some were more basic.   Some had a great deal of technical detail; some were more conceptual.   In the end, I had a broad range of styles, designs, technical data and, best of all, nine unique concepts for my front yard design.   It really worked out well.

Following that first experience, I was looking something more conceptual.  Specifically, I was looking for design and layout concepts for a residential loft where a musician would like to live.    I specified some basic requests to be incorporated into the design, but for the most part I wanted creativity to prevail and was cautious to put constraints on that.   20 designers signed up for my design contests and nine submitted plans.   Again, with the number of designs and visions, I had a full array of design concepts –  several were really imaginative.  And, once again, several had technical detail that I had not really requested, but found extremely helpful in focusing the next step in my project.

I was also impressed with the interaction I had with the arbazar staff.   When I engage in e-commerce, I typically go in expecting that any human interaction would be with a call center and probably very frustrating.   Not with arcbazar.   I corresponded directly with real-live humans – the team that operates the site – and I found it reassuring that they were monitoring the progress of my projects.   It was a level of customer service that I’m not used to seeing when I do business online, and I really wish more people would follow their lead.

I have recommended arcbazar.com whenever the opportunity to do so arises, and I will continue to do that.   I’m also gearing up to post a new design competition for my backyard project, so I’m fully sold on the site, the service and the people who operate it.”

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