Tom: Multi Family Addition, Indiana

“Wow!  The best money we ever spent on our home(s).  This job was unique in that we were needing to redesign not only the outsides of two connected homes, but make interior changes as well.  The challenge was increased in that both homes were on different levels.  We knew how much additional space we wanted and we also knew what rooms we wanted to add, but we could not envision how it would work, or how it could look.Throughout the contest, communication was open for both the architects and Arcbazar for all of our questions.  We even received a phone call from Arcbazar in a last minute change – a level of service that went well beyond our expectations.

After the contest, we received 12 submissions for different designs – all having various features that enabled us to open our minds…  This site is an avenue for young processionals to build their portfolios and get their names out to the public.  I don’t know of any business that can be successful without demonstrating its products or services – especially a young start-up company/person.  Further, without Arcbazar, our only other option would have been to contact one local architect and hope that they shared our same vision.

Thanks Arcbazar – we’ll be back!”

To view the competition, please click here.

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