Diana: Living Room, Cincinnati, OH

Loved, loved, loved this concept!  (Crowd-sourcing of interior design designs.)  I had given some thought to hiring an interior designer several times over the years, but always held back because it tends to be so costly and, no matter how well you describe your desires, there’s really no guarantee that you’re going to like what the designer comes up with.
Acrbazar mitigates that risk by providing you with multiple design options – from different designers – so, even if you don’t love all of them, there’s a good chance you’re going to like a couple.
I was super impressed with not only the designs (since I’m definitely not creative in that way), but also with the quality of the materials provided.  The designers provided all kinds of different views of the room (bird’s eye views, perspective views, etc.) and most of them provided shopping lists and pricing for all of the furniture and other design elements.
The only area of opportunity I would point out is getting a little more buttoned up with the customer service processes…. But, that’s just a minor item and will probably be worked out as they grow and mature.”

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